I choose to start off with this page because self-growth is the most important thing in our lives. Not only our relationships with ourselves will define us, but it also will define our whole life, care, health, etc.

While we think this is a part-time job, we often tend to forget about making time for ourselves. We are all so busy trying to earn more money, trying to look better, trying to be someone else. Guess what? You can only be yourself, and you should be yourself because everyone else is taken. I am about to make some bold statements bellow and tell you about how some teaching made my life better. Let’s dive into my self-growth section.

What is Self- growth?

Self-growth is a way of living. Well, it has nothing to do with gaining pounds and having a large saint-like white aura around your head. It’s not some kind of physical expansion. On the contrary, you have to dive in and lose yourself in order to find yourself again.

For me, self-growth is learning about who you were before all that sh*t happened that dimmed your shine. It meant meditating, realizing where my self-confidence went, how I lost myself and what I can do to find myself again. Also, it meant learning about our spiritual dimension, our soul and purpose. In the end, I had to unlearn everything I know in order to start again. Finally, I started learning and found the answer to this question- How to love myself again?

Self-love or Self-growth?

As I mentioned above, self-love is the foundation for all the good things in life. We can’t grow and develop if we don’t honestly love and accept ourselves first. I can bet that many of you will say know- Well, I do love myself. Really? OK. let’s check. When I talk about self-love I don’t talk about that kind of love that won’t allow you to hurt yourself. No. I am talking about genuine love, the same kind of love you give to other people, but you never give it yourself. It’s that kind of love that makes you love yourself, take care of yourself, exercise, take care of your nutrition.

Moreover, it’s that kind of love that will make you more selective about the things =/situations you spent your energy on. Do you love yourself enough to say no, even if everyone is saying yes? Would you just walk away when you’re no longer happy? Do you love enough yourself to stop smoking, drinking, and doing anything that harms you? I will talk about this more, but you got my point. Self-love is maybe the most crucial happiness ingredient things that we neglect all the time.

How can Self-growth help you with self- confidence?

When we were children, we were the most confident small people in the whole world. Why? Because we didn’t pretend to be someone else. When we start growing, it is expected from us to start behaving in a certain way. We should do this, wear that, and don’t say wrong thins, let alone curse. We are all expected to be a perfect husband, sister, mother and we should play along. It’s like a theater show. If you don’t fit, learn the words, and play along you will become an outcast. The show must go on!

What can we do to help our self-growth?

This is a great question. We should start the journeys of our lives. We can do that by being authentic instead of trying to be someone else. After waking up, we should drink a glass of positive self-talk with a pinch of humor. Afterward, we should do whatever it makes us happy. Not trying to indulge everyone, is maybe the first step. How about doing exactly what you want? I will be writing a lot on how to develop this kind of attitude and how to maintain it.

At the end of the day, we are alone with our thoughts, emotions, in our skin with our worries and that’s when we realize that we can choose to be our worst enemies or our personal guru.

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Here at Classy Business Women, we will support each other on our way to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

It’s up to us.