For many years, customer experience (CX) has been a common marketing buzzword. It has now become an industry standard. According to Forester’s report, businesses that excel at customer service will generate significantly more compound annual revenue than those that fall short. If you want your company to succeed, you must consciously strive to improve customer experience. And, one of the best ways to improve your CX is through testimonials.

Social Signals as a Tool for Improving CX

The market is riddled with apparent scams, con artists, and low-quality goods, just as it has always been. However, today’s customer is more informed than ever before. People can see right through blatantly falsified “glowing” testimonials like “My first Bitcoin rig mined $100,000 in the first months” or “This platform has helped me make $10,000 in less than a week.”

This may lead you to believe that feedback and testimonials are inadequate marketing tools, but this is far from the case. True testimonials from real people get a lot of positive feedback, so they’ve become one of the most important marketing resources. Honest feedback from real customers and clients is a great trust signal to others. According to a Brightlocal study, 84 per cent of internet users trust online feedback as much as personal recommendations from peers.

Because of the widespread use of social media, customer feedback on Amazon, and Yelp reviews, businesses are rethinking how they can obtain and sustain consumer interest.

And confidence isn’t something an organization can buy; it has to be won. As a result, small family-run companies operate on an equal basis with large multinational corporations. 

In today’s world, social proof is key. Not only can you meet more clients if you use feedback and testimonials correctly, but you will also strengthen the confidence and experiences of your current customers.

Types of Testimonials

Even though their content is mostly identical, there are many different forms of customer testimonials. Here are a few of the most popular:

Interaction on Social Media can Improve Your Customer Experience

Many companies use this type of testimonial as to their primary format because of its intrinsically natural and organic “feel.” When businesses use social media testimonials, they seldom edit or format the post.

The best social media testimonials emphasize the customer’s satisfaction with their purchase when discussing a particular experience with a specific product. As is, certain Facebook or Twitter testimonials are ideal. A simple comment from a Facebook user can go a long way, so providing excellent customer support pays off in spades.

The “Industry Insider” Testimonial

Both B2B and B2C businesses profit from the “industry insider” testimonial format. These types of testimonials include the views of thought and business leaders. Companies or individuals may give them out.

As a result, they took advantage of the opportunity to highlight the brands with which they have collaborated, as well as what they can do with their site’s visitors.The “industry insider” testimonials make use of the featured companies’ or individuals’ experience and information.

The “Satisfied Customer” Testimonial can Improve Your Customer Experience

This format and structure are well-known to most people. The standard “satisfied customer” testimonial includes a person’s name, a picture of them, and a description of why the service or product is so good. These testimonials typically concentrate on praise and don’t go into great detail about the subject so that the reader can easily absorb them.

Photos are an important part of these types of reviews because they enable readers to interact with the person who wrote the testimonial.

Use Video Testimonials

More and more companies are using video to highlight consumer testimonials. Video testimonials are certainly more costly, but the return on investment is generally well worth it.

Video testimonials have a lot of artistic leeway, but they often stray from traditional formats. One of the most appealing aspects of video testimonials is that you can use them to demonstrate how consumers use your service or communicate with your product.

Video testimonials enable you to communicate with both happy customers and potential customers in a unique way.

Improve Your Customer Experience by Putting the Customer First

Before you begin working on obtaining excellent testimonials, consider your company from the viewpoint of a potential customer. How did they stumble upon your website? Through an organic search result , a social promotion, or a pay-per-click (PPC) ad? Despite the fact that the desired outcome should be the same, each potential customer’s path is unique.

Consider your prospects’ intentions. What issues are they attempting to address? Only after you’ve found out why customers are turning to your company should you start thinking about how you can use consumer testimonials as confidence signals.

For example, if your services or goods carry higher perceived risks, you can use testimonials to resolve common issues ahead of time and mitigate prospects. If you’re in a crowded market with a lot of rivals, testimonials will also emphasize your dedication to customer service.

Improve Your Customer Experience by Highlighting Your Perfect Customers

In the same way that advertisers search out the “best” prospects, you can highlight your ideal customers in your testimonials. Through introducing them to someone that is very close to them, you will draw the right customers and make your existing customers feel even more at ease.

If the service or product is geared toward female entrepreneurs, for example, the testimonials should come from someone who fits the bill. When your prospects see that the testimonial was written by someone who is similar to them, they will feel more connected to your brand.

It would be simpler for them to imagine themselves using your product or service happily. It also shows that you are familiar with your target market and understand the needs of consumers who are similar to them.

Provide Information in Your Testimonials

Use your testimonials to offer useful information about your company to site visitors. Be sure to provide the most relevant information about your goods or services to create credibility with your customers.

Consider what questions someone who has never used your goods or services would ask someone who has. Whatever it is, make sure it’s in a format that’s easy to read.

This information is most likely already shown somewhere on your website, as it should be. However, if you make sure your testimonials contain the same detail, you won’t be repeating yourself. Customer testimonials will communicate this information in a much more friendly and natural manner than a sales pitch.

Consider the contrast between a casual conversation and a paid commercial. You must ensure the credibility of the testimonials. Fake testimonials are typically overly salesy and can be detrimental to the brand. Your testimonials should emphasize your one-of-a-kind selling point (USP). Select customer testimonials that explain why someone should prefer your business over a competitor’s.

In a perfect world, you won’t have to ask your customers to do so. After all, your USP is most likely one of the reasons why some of your customers choose you over the competition.

Each testimonial can be tailored to a specific selling point. One testimonial might concentrate on a truly revolutionary aspect of your product, while another might focus on your outstanding customer service.

This way, you can use your testimonials to highlight a variety of facets of your company without being redundant. You can give your brand more depth by spreading out your selling points through various testimonials.

Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

When anyone asks for your advice on something that is really important to them, you are likely to feel respected. The majority of us do. This is why customer testimonials make them feel valued. Simply by asking for input, you will show your customers how important they are to you.Not only can this show that you value their views and are willing to listen carefully, but you will also obtain useful feedback and testimonials.

Drive Changes to Your Business

As previously mentioned, testimonials provide invaluable consumer feedback and are far more than a sales method. If you get a two-star rating because your product took too long to arrive, for example, you know what you need to work on.

Customer feedback can be turned into actionable products for your company. If you don’t get this important input, you won’t know how to improve your customer experience.

It’s quick to miss certain issues, no matter how hard you try. For example, you may believe it is time to upgrade your website’s services, but customer feedback indicates that your navigation bar isn’t functioning properly.

So, in order to give the customers what they want, you’ll have to change course. Make better business decisions by using testimonials and feedback.

Being At the Right Place, At The Right Time

You’ll need to plan out how you’ll present your testimonials. If you slap random testimonials all over your web, you won’t get very far. If your company provides a range of services, each service page should provide a related testimonial. Let’s pretend you have home cleaning and interior design services. A testimonial on your interior design skills would be of little interest to those looking for a home cleaning service.

Focus on Tangible Impact

You can be very specific about the testimonials you use on your front page. The testimonials that concentrate on measurable effects are the most powerful. Fluffy and contradictory testimonials would have no effect on your prospects.

When you ask your customers for input, make sure to ask specific questions if you want specific responses. If you’re a B2B business, for example, inquire about the effect your services have had on their performance. Ask them to tell you the numbers if it isn’t too much to ask.

Improve Your Customer Experience -Takeaway

When used in the right way, consumer testimonials are an outstanding confidence signal. When it comes to testimonials, however, not every strategy is appropriate for every company. Think about what you want your most happy customers to say to prospective customers.


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