Hello my friends, today more than ever, we need to face our fears and learn how to stay calm in stressful situations? Our Classy business Women team has decided to share some tips and tricks with you that might help you deal with stressful situations.

The ability to remain calm under pressure is a great prerequisite for success. I’ve decided to share some tips on how to manage your emotions and How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations?

Keep calm and Practice Gratitude

Thinking about what you are thankful for reduces stress hormones by as much as 23%. People who do this daily improve their mood, energy and feel better physically.

Avoid doubt

Try to avoid the question ‘What would be …’? Such issues are oil on the fire. You will start to come up with a million different bad variants in your head and you will not have a good focus to keep things under control.

Keep calm and stay positive

When thinking about how to stay calm in stressful situations one must start from the begging and think positively. Positive thoughts are the key to opening the door to a stress-free life. Look for a positive thought to focus on. When you have a bad day, remember some nice things that have happened to you, no matter how small. Or focus on a beautiful event that is yet to happen.

Unplug yourself

Studies show that small breaks reduce stress. So, for starters, turn off all your devices when pausing. The fact that you are available to everyone 24/7 is disturbing. You will begin to respect the time you are online and dedicate the beautiful moments to those you love.

Limit caffeine intake

Caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline that makes you overactive but also avoids rational thinking. Too much caffeine can physically endanger your body and make you nervous. Let coffee be your pleasure, not an introduction to tension.

Sleep is important

Sleeping is very important. It enhances emotional intelligence and stress management. A good night sleep fills your brain with energy and ejects unnecessarily through dreams. Be happy, clear heads. Self-control, attention, and memory are the positive sides of sleep, while lack of sleep increases stress hormone levels.

They change the viewing angle

Stress and worry can distort your perception. You can’t always control the circumstances you are in, but you can control how you respond to them. So, when successful people are in the problem, they do not react too fast but put themselves in a different perspective, look at things from a different angle, and try to find the best way to respond. They don’t panic until they have a good look at everything.

Take a deep breath

When stressed, your whole body is cramping. Negative energy is created. In those moments you need to walk away from everyone, sit on a chair and just breathe deeply. That way you will calm down. As you concentrate on breathing, you will focus and your mind will not wander. Count your breaths to 20 and then again to 1. It seems naive but a great trick to staying calm. Meditation may be the best solution to calm yourself and focus on your breathing.

Use support to stay calm

It is very brave, but inefficient, to try to tackle all the problems yourself. To stay calm you need to recognize your weaknesses and seek help when you need it. Someone else’s perspective can be really helpful. Surely in your office, but also in life, there is someone who cheers for you.

Detect your anger

It is difficult to remain calm and reasonable in moments of anger. Try that before the altercation escalates you should think about your reaction because once you are fresh you are easier and more successful to control your behavior.

Decide how to react properly

Developing self-control in stressful situations is an ongoing process. Gradually develop self-control and gain at the right moments. Make the most of the way you react to the situation. A bad and quick reaction on your part can have a counter-effect.

Look at the situation from all perspectives

Think carefully and watch before reacting. It is important to look at the situation from multiple aspects in order to make the right decision. Often, we forget to put the situation in a much wider picture and properly distinguish all segments. It’s not all black and white.

Turn your attention inwards

If you notice that the situation is running out of control and your nerves are slowly bursting through the threads, get off-topic. Pay attention and direct your attention and time to something else. Why waste time and nerves on unnecessary discussions and quarrels?

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Tiana is a daydreamer and night thinker. She is an entrepreneur who started a company on her own a few years ago. Being a businesswoman is not an easy task, but somehow she managed to succeed and develop successful mindest. She enjoys sharing her tips and trick with her audience, friends, and followers.


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