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Who doesn’t want a workplace just like the ones you see on the television? Whether it’s the office architecture in the Google headquarters or the impeccable security system at The Amazon using all the fingerprint access control systems, all these are quintessential in a modern corporate system.

That being said, here’s a guide that will help you attain your dream corporate office that can woo your clients and motivate your employees.

The first impressions matter the most

What’s the first thing that the employees or the visitor are exposed to at a workplace? It’s the reception or the security system required to access in.

  • Ensure that you have state-of-the-art technologies ensuring that the security in your office remains top-notch.
  • Acquire the latest fingerprint access control or face scanners at the main doors.
  • Create an environment where everyone who enters the workplace gets themselves scanned before entering the premises.
  • Also, slow systems can bring down the good impression that you are trying to create. The smartest way will be to hire someone who has the apt knowledge of the various security systems available in the market.
Best workspace

Allowing space for nature

  • The trend that most offices are adapting to in this decade is bringing nature into the workplace itself.
  • When your employees are close to natural elements, they will become surprisingly more productive and efficient.
  • Allow natural lights through the windows inside as this keeps employees fresh and active.
  • A few plants installed here and there will also add to the charm and the greenery around the workplace.

Go digital wherever possible

  • We already discussed the benefits of introducing face and fingerprint access control to your workplace.
  • You can also lessen the carbon footprint of your workplace by eliminating the use of paper as much as possible.
  • Give your employees access to digital filing systems and technology that promote modern means, and also help them with the necessary training.

Don’t ignore the graphic factor

Although this may seem quite bold to some business owners, graphics are a great way to uplift the moods of the employees.

The Millennials and the next-gen that are about to join the workspace in the next few years will be graphic lovers. Ever wondered about the reason behind the enormous success of the graphically rich movies in this decade?

Graphics, when appropriately implemented in the office walls, pantry, or other places, can bring joy amidst your employees and promote a positive environment in the workspace.

Double-check the coziness of the furniture

Buy sofas and lounge furniture that feel heavenly to sit on. These can be used by your employees to sit and work being more productive than they are on their tables.

Yes, you need to introduce the flexibility of work in your office. Your office must genuinely be the home away from home for the employees. When your employees feel cozy and loving about space, they tend to be more productive.

Inculcate elements from the industrial office design

There’s nothing terrible about implementing a few items from the traditional systems of the industrial models. To name a few:

  • Ceiling air ducts that are exposed
  • Exposed ceiling pipes
  • High ceilings for more space
  • Exposed brick walls on the exterior of the office
  • Fewer walls on the inside for more open space
  • Large windows
  • Use of Natural wood instead of engineered wood
  • Concrete floors in some areas like the washroom and the pantry.
  • Overhanging light bulbs and another fancy yet professional settings
  • Fingerprint access control inside the office just near the receptionist


So, now that you know all the elements that can renovate your workplace and turn it into one that follows the latest trends, you are good to take the first step. What is the wait for? Get the best fingerprint access control systems first!


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