Are you looking for creative ways to market your home business offline? If so, check out some of the best business advertising ideas below. These tips will help you to raise your brand awareness and offer some great business advertising ideas that will help you increase your financial flow.

Take Your Business Advertising With You

Create ad filler packs and pass them out everywhere you go, every event that you attend and swap them with other women home business owners. This way of advertising is great, especially if you are in a B2B type of business. When you travel and stay in hotels, leave your catalog, business card, business coupon behind in your room, lobbies and other places that people congregate. I like to leave my business card with my tip when dining out. Another great business advertising idea is to print out flyers with your business name and contact information along with any specials you are running. Leave these flyers in public places where others can see them.

Wear a business name tag every time you go out in the community. People do read them and do notice them! Another creative way for business advertising is to get a license plate made up for the front of your car with your business information on it.

How to Engage Your Community in Business Advertising?

One of the great ways to promote your business offline is to engage your community. Here are some of the potential advertising places. Contact local area bridal stores, bridal supply stores, caterers, tux rental centers, DJ’s, photographers, etc. if your company/business offers a bridal registry. See if you can leave them your business cards! Whether you’re a parent or not Daycare Centers are great advertising opportunity! You can get a lot of business from the parents who use daycare centers so contact them about leaving your business cards or flyers.

Take Business Advertising to the Next Level

Here’s one not so popular, but yet great business advertising idea. A lot of churches and religious groups hold spring and fall festivals, so make sure you contact them about getting booth space at one of their events. Booth spaces are usually very economical with these types of groups. Join your local Chamber of Commerce! They always hold local business events in your area. This is a great way to network and to make new professional contacts. Not only this will help your business advertising, but it will also make your business legit. Contact your local area Welcome Wagon or Welcome to the Neighborhood group. See if you can add your business info to their Welcome to the Neighborhood bags.

Go where the crowd is

There’s no better place for business advertising than College Campuses! College Students are always looking to spend money and they are usually on the hunt for a business opportunity to help pay for their school expenses so you can target them for sales and for recruiting into your business opportunity. Most schools have a student center, so that is where you would want to leave your business cards and flyers. Moreover, you can contact your local area hospitals and see if you can add your business info to their New Mommy Diaper Bags. A lot of hospitals give out free bags filled with goodies to all the new moms who have babies at their facilities!

Remain Active in Your Community

One of the things you should do is staying active. When it comes to business advertising, no sleeping is allowed. You can contact your local medical offices, particularly the Obstetrics & Gynecology Offices, and the Pediatrician Offices. A lot of those offices also give freebies to expecting or new moms. See if you can add your info their freebie packages. On the other hand, you can donate a prize or a gift certificate to your local radio station for their numerous prize giveaways and contests. This gets you FREE business exposure. When it comes to donating, you can donate a prize to your local area Bingo Halls! They are always looking for prize donations.

Get Involved in Local Events

Business advertising can be hard, but you should try to find as much advertising opportunities as you can get. That being said, try to get your business involved in the community events as much as you can. Try calling your local Chamber of Commerce to find out when there will be local job fairs in your area and get a booth at one or at the very least attend one so you can make some new contacts in your local area.

Moreover, you can contact your local area colleges and trade schools to find out when their next local area job/employment fair will be. A great way to market your home business opportunity to others who might be interested. Contacting local area car dealerships is a great idea. I make up small packets of business information, my business card, my coupon, and a small freebie. Ask them if you can drop off 100 packs for them to hand out to others who come in for those FREE test drives.

Take your business on the road during the nice weather seasons. Contact your local area parks and recreation centers to see what kind of events are coming up and inquire about getting a table or booth at their outdoor events. You should attend local area Holiday Shopping Events. Customers who are ready to spend some holiday money and looking to purchase holiday gifts attend these events. Get a booth or table space and market your business to them.

Attend local area Holiday Shopping Events. Customers who are ready to spend some holiday money and looking to purchase holiday gifts attend these events. Get a booth or table space and market your business to them.

Don’t wait for other people’s events. Hold a local community block party at your home or at your local community center. Families are always looking for something to do on the weekends!

Getting in Touch With Local Business Owners

This can be a great way to grow your network and promote business. Needless to say, make sure you leave the competition out of this. Contacting your local area gyms and fitness centers can be very productive business advertising strategy. A lot of times you can get a table and market your business for an economical fee of $25.00. Try to connect and network with others in your community who have home businesses. They are usually in the know on local business events that are upcoming in your community. Furthermore, contact companies in your local area to see if you can come in and set up a display in their employee lounges or cafeterias for an employee shopping break. This works best if you offer an exclusive discount or deal with their employees.

Does your local area TV Cable Company have a local information channel? If so, contact them to see if you can advertise on their information channel. When you contact local small companies and shops to see if you can offer an exclusive discount to their employees. Companies like to offer perks to their employees such as shopping discounts from various local businesses.

Local area businesses such as salons, banks, massage parlors, can help you with your endeavors. See if you can come in and set up a display. Offer a contest and prize with your display. Use the entry forms to gather contact information for possible new contact leads.

Media is Always a Great Advertising Opportunity

Getting involved with media is the next logical step for your business advertising. Try to engage small home town newspapers! I don’t get a great response to the big city newspaper ads but I do get a great response if I place ads in small home town newspapers! Local Television Newstations are always holding on-air contests and website contests for their viewers. Contact them to see if you can donate a prize to get some free business exposure for your business. Get a low-cost outdoor banner ad printed up to market your business during outside community events such as sporting events, music concerts and so forth.

Local Area Magazines are just what you need! Does your city publish their own local area magazine? If so, contact them about placing some advertising in their magazine.

Don’t Forget About Traditional Business Advertising

You should list your business in your local yellow pages phone book. Way too often home business people overlook this valuable advertising tool. These days a lot of phone books have coupon sections too, so make sure you inquire about adding your coupon to that section. You can take this phone book idea one step further by finding out who prints up those vinyl phone book covers that are covered with local business advertising in your area and find out how much it would cost for you to add your business ad to that phone book cover.

Contact local area pizza shops, diners, and coffee shops. Most of these types of businesses have paper placemats where you can buy ad space and have your business ad placed on them. People do READ these ads!

Contact local area bars, restaurants, and clubs to see if you can buy some advertising on their paper beverage coasters.

Community coupon clipper packs and coupon packs. If your community has them, call them up and find out how you can advertise in them.

Gain Exposure by Sharing Promotional Products

This way is probably one of the oldest strategies when it comes to business advertising. Get your business information printed up on pencils and hand them out for FREE to local colleges and adult technical schools. Get your business information printed up onto balloons. Give these ballons to local sporting events, charity events, etc. A great way to get more business exposure.

Here’s another way to get more exposure. Get a vehicle banner made for your automobile. I recommend the vinyl clings so that you can easily remove them when it comes time to wash your vehicle. Also, getting T-shirts printed up with your business information on them is a great promotion. Hand them out to your friends and family members and ask them to wear them when they are out in the community running their errands.

Never Miss The Opportunity to Display Your Business

If your city has a travel guide that tourists request, make sure you place a business ad in that travel guide. This is a great way to get your business information into the hands of non-local customers. Another option for you to reconsider is Local City Maps! These days you can find all kinds of small business advertising printed on the sides and backs of those city maps! You can get really good economically priced ads placed onto those maps.

Try to contact local area hotels, motels and bed and breakfast inns in your local area. Ask them if you can leave your business information with them for their guests to peruse when they are in the lobby.

Aks Your Friends and Neighbors to Help you with Business Advertising

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Find a few home business owners in your local community and team up with them! You can all sponsor a local boys/girls sports team, a parade float or other things in your community! This makes it very economical for those who are in small business to get business exposure and to participate in your local community events. Furthermore, you can print some canvas tote bags with your business information on them. Pass them out to a few lady friends and ask them to use them when they are out and about in the community attending events or running errands.

Sometimes business advertising can be a tiring and never-ending process. What you should know is that it pays off. Spreading your brand awareness will help you grow your business, get more customers, increase your financial flow. Now, that you have read all these tips try to implement these ideas and wait for your business to grow. If you have some tips and ideas, you can share them with the Classy Business Women community.

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